"Everyone has a story to tell . . . " Joe Strummer

is it getting better now?  can we pass the blame?  quiet desperation.  a long september dream.  running backwards. killing time.  you drink your poison cause it gets you high.  like a rocket ship on jet propulsion burning down skies of blue.  bullets fly in a world that's frozen.  do you think we got something to lose?  i do . . . i really do.  silver tongues and babies breath.  whisper in your ear.  could you live in silence and watch it disappear?  sooner or later you learn to fly.  higher and higher 'til you touch the sky.  yeah if rock-n-roll is just and emotion and suicide is the way.  a generation lost in commotion do you think we got something to say?  i do . . . i really do  -  Lee Baby 


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